Dre Perales



About Dre

Dre Perales is a Los Angeles native. Dre has become renown for his mastery of art, tattooing, and barbering.

Having established a successful following for both his Tip Top Barber Shop & Tip Top Tattoo Parlor in Southern California, he has also achieved national following for his American Traditional Tattoos. He loves traveling the United States. He is influenced by the classic tattoos of legends such as Paul Rogers, Owen Jensen, Bowery Stan, and many others who have made their mark on tattoo culture.

“I love tattoos that look like tattoos. Thats what Sailor Jerry did and thats why their art and work has lasted the test of time. I love the saying, ‘Bold will hold’ … Tattooing is complete with aficionados, rivalries, heroes, martyrs, villains.

It’s a living thing, and the people you meet are the art.”

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