Brent Wilhelmi – Tattoo Artist



About Brent

Brent was raised in Kansas City, Missouri, my first artistic influence came from the skate-boarding/punk rock scene. My influences include Richard Stell, Ed Hardy, Bob Roberts, John Monk & Aarron Colman. I enjoy doing every style of tattooing and being able to satisfy my customers, no matter what kind of tattoo their wanting.

Back then as well as today he spends his time tattooing, drawing, painting or spending time with his family and friends.

Brent finds inspiration in the works of: Richard Stell, Ed Hardy, Bob Roberts, John Monk & Aaron Coleman. He says he always likes to get input from his clients and then expand on their ideas to make the perfect tattoo.

He enjoys doing every style of tattoo as long as it will satisfy his customer. With Brent the experience is all about giving his clients exactly what they want.

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